Rosenkrans Farms

This farm has created their own breed of stock. As they call them, "Black Baldies", a blend of Black Angus and Polled Hereford cows, noted for their beautiful marbling and tastier meat. The calves are raised on the pasture alongside their mothers for the first seven months and then “fence line weaned” to minimize the stress of leaving their mothers. The fence line weaning process is the most humane way to separate calves from their mothers. The calves are also slowly introduced to hay that is bailed on the Rosenkrans farm and are harvested at 14 months of age (as opposed to 8 months in a hormone pumped up factory farm).

Rainy weather makes it impossible to dry the feed for cattle, looking for a solution to this Rosenkrans Farms has turned to a unique solution, "Balage" as it's being called involves rolling the grass wet, wrapping it and allowing it to ferment. This will create a sweeter and more nutritious product. Fermented feed is great for cows digestions; in Japan a long standing tradition with their Kobe/Waygu stock is to give the cows a beer once a day, Balage achieves the same end result. Additionally the increased sweetness causes the cows eat with enthusiasm, fattening them naturally 


Known for: Beef

Size: 120 Head of Cattle

Location: Seneca Falls, NY

Founded: 1980



Rosenkrans pasture