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Soigne is a service that strives to take people away from factory farming and back to real food. We source the highest quality local produce and meat. We are very proud of the relationships we've fostered with purveyors in the NYC area, and excited at the opportunity to show people how amazing these products are!

It's like nothing you've ever had, it's not cheap by any means, but you'll understand why after 9 courses when you're quite full but still feel light, fresh and energized. Most of the dishes could be best described by vegan+meat, little to none butter, cream, cheese or oil. Very limited starch and carbs, we're focused on doing luxurious food that is still crisp, clean and healthy!

Our farm to table dinners are available for parties of 4 to 18. Dinners start at around $160 per person for a 5 course tasting, scaling to party size (Lower price per person the more you have).  You can fill out the query below or email directly at / Stephen Clare 619.977.3020 

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