Korin Japanese Trading Company

KORIN'S unique store in lower Manhattan is home to perhaps the most extensive collection of Japanese chef knives in the world - including Japan - plus the rarest natural sharpening stones and exquisitely designed tableware. We also host special events, such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with New York's most famous chefs and restaurateurs.


Known for: Traditional Japanese Knives

Run by: Saori Kawano

Location: Tribeca, NY

Founded: 1982







Saori Kawano - President and Founder of Korin.

Saori has brought to Korin the qualities that drive kitchens and chefs to greatness. Uncompromising on standards, tirelessly seeking perfection, and an uncanny ability to make those around her share the vision.

Ms. Kawano has done more for preserving the art of Japanese swordsmithing than maybe anyone-else state-side. One of her biggest achievements has been introducing american chef's to the "Big Three" traditional Japanese knives. The Deba, Usuba and Yanagi are staples of most serious chef's kits'



CHIHARU SUGAI -  When Korin began to carry knives, he became fascinated in the dying art of knife sharpening. He understood that in order to carry Japanese knives in the United States, Korin needed someone who fully understood how to care of them as well. He first began taking knife-sharpening lessons from Suisin’s president, Junro Aoki in Sakai City. When Mr. Aoki felt that he has taught Mr. Sugai all that he knew, he directed Mr. Sugai to Sakai City’s blade making association chairman, Mr. Oda. As a blade making association chairman of the most famous knife-making city of Japan, after an addition 4 years apprenticing under 84-year old knife master Mr. Mizuyama; He uses his extensive knowlege of knives to sharpen knives, and check the knives that Korin receives from manufactures to ensure their qulity. He also shares his knowledge with our customers by leading work shops for the community held in Korins showroom

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