Battenkill Creamery

Battenkill Creamery produces the absolute finest milk and cream products around. The McEachron family has been in New York as farmers for over a centry, but more recently they became unhappy with trucking the milk off to be produced. As a solution they have become fully complainant with the USDA and FDA in their newest venture, not only will they raise, feed, and milk their cows but now treat (NEVER Ultra-Pasteurizing) bottle, and distribute their milk.

Pasteurizing is heating the milk to kill the raw cultures, it extends the shelf life and makes the milk safer for a much broader audience, although raw milk is delicious and healthier for most people, it should NEVER be consumed by young, elderly, or immune compromised.

Homogenizing is the shredding of fat cells to keep the milk nicely emulsified. 

Offering milk products for every application they produce a line called "Creamtop" this non-homogenized milk is coveted by restaurants that make their own ricotta, because of the natural fat it will make the finest fresh cheeses.

Battenkill Creamery

Known for: Milk products

Run by: Don McEachron

Location: Hudson Valley, NY

Founded: 2007

Breeds: Holstein and Jersey Cows