Brooklyn Roasting Co.

This company is so much more than the sum of its parts! The wholesale director, Emily Shepard, recently took a trip to Columbia to meet with a small producer herself. The language she used to describe the trip, and the farm, showed more to us about this company then anything else could. This is a company that believes in symbiosis, and while working for our community doesn't ever exploit anyone else's. Brooklyn Roasting Co. is a team that operates with integrity! 

Starting out as a wholesaler and coffee roaster Brooklyn Roasting Co was founded in 2009, and grew rapidly because of their ability to share the vision they have! The product they produce is phenomenal but their mission is equally important, this is a company that once you start doing business with them, you can't help but feel invested and hope for their success. These guys do so much more than fair trade, the seek out the finest quality coffee from all over the world; then they support the farms producing it. In doing this they are able to help raise the pride of their producer and push the quality delivered to their consumers, simple and genius! 

Not long after launching wholesale operations the locals around the warehouse demanded liquid coffee and the cafe was born.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Known for: Coffee and Espresso

Run by: Jim Munson and Emily Shepard

Location: DUMBO, NY

Founded: 2009



The cafe has organically grown out of their roasting facility. It's truly amazing and shows just how involved the community is in this company! what was originally an industrial space for a wholesale business is now a beautiful partnership between large scale production and freshly brewed coffee on a scale that only an espresso nut could appreciate!

BRC Roaster