Bekah Roberts

Bekah Roberts grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where she was brought up in a very healthy household, and from a young age she began cooking delicious and nutritious meals for her friends and family. During high school Rebecca began working as a cook at the best restaurants she had access too. It was not an easy decision to take cooking seriously and become a professional chef.


She refined her style of cuisine while attending The Culinary Institute of America, which she enrolled in at age 18, and during her schooling Bekah working in various Michelin starred kitchens in New York City, often taking the train in on the weekends and sleeping on other cooks couches. After graduation she made the difficult decision to step out on her own, and move to NYC, and push herself to work in the hardest kitchens she could find; It is in these restaurants, that she has rediscovered her passion for fresh and local ingredients, utilizing the many farmers markets right at her fingertips.