Why we do it...

Delicious, fresh, ethically and responsibly farmed animals!

We believe...

it's possible to break away from factory farmed meat!

As a corporate purchaser Stephen has been an avid supporter of small production farming, local protein, and responsible wild fishing.

While attending CIA in Poughkeepsie NY, he spent his time discovering the local landscape, rich with small farms that bringing seasonal batch herds to production; the fact of the matter is bio-dynamic agriculture is big in this area because of the CSA's that New York City can support. Farmers in this area are free to really explore their own land and use that subsidization that they receive through the CSA program to get back to a more traditional and responsible form of farming. As of today though the protein is under utilized, with just a small amount of purchasing power, in the form of whole animals, we are able to walk up, pet a couple healthy animals, and have our pick of the litter!


Just outside the Catskills