/swänˈyāy/ - To be taken care of; commonly used in restaurant kitchens to describe how the food should be made and plated for VIP's

Soigne is a collection of talented Chefs, with a very simple idea. The highest quality ingredients we can source, coupled with Michelin level execution; brought into your home.

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Stephen Clare, Executive Chef/Founder - NYC 

Stephen began taking cooking seriously when he moved to NYC and began working at L'Artusi as a stage. From there he applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. Stephen received his culinary training at Alinea in Chicago, IL. After which we went to work for Akhtar Nawab and opened La Esquina in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Since then he has headed kitchens, opened restaurants, and launched several projects with several collaborative chefs. Soigne has been a goal for a very long time!

Chef Chris Bleidorn - Chef/Creative Director - San Fransico California

Chris and Stephen became friends at Alinea. Chris was the Chef De Partie of the infamous "Explosion Station" and eventually Stephen became his Commis. After leaving Alinea Chris joined Corey Lee's team at Benu, eventually making his way up to the position of Executive Pastry Chef. From Benu the newly well rounded Bleidorn took over as Chef De Cuisine at the Two Michelin Starred - Atelier Crenn, After 18 months he moved to the Three Michelin Starred Saison as Chef for a predetermined 1 year (industry standard). Currently he is the Chef at In Situ working with Chef Corey Lee once again.

Bekah Robers - Executive Sous Chef - NYC

Bekah attended CIA at 18, graduated with honors, and has worked in some of the hardest kitchens in NYC. She has proved herself to not only be a great team member, but also a leader! We are very proud to have her onboard!